LIFE as we all know is a beautiful journey. Today, as we constantly try to be successful and prosper ahead, one tend to ignore some of the very crucial aspects. In between our stressful lifestyle which is more focus towards – business, profitability, processes, materiality, costs, margins, etc., I try to bring in a few commandments (in the form of Do’s & Don’ts) that will help us live a happier, healthier, peaceful and stress-free life.



  1. Negative people: At times one is too positive towards everyone that one fails to ignore the negative company in one’s lives. Such people will be nothing more than an invisible fuel to the burning stress or suffering that one is going through. It is very important to identify and avoid such people who bring negativity in one’s life.
  2. TV: There is a reasonably good reason for calling that box lying (now a days hanging) in your house as ‘idiot box’. Although it is a very good source of information and entertainment. Yet it is highly recommended to avoid watching TV. Watching TV makes one lethargic that adds up to your stress level.
  3. Screen time: Overall, it is always recommend to significantly reduce the time that one spends on-screen. That may be for anything from work to watching videos; social networking to reading. Try going conventional!



  1. Stay Busy: First and foremost is to keep oneself busy in some activity or the other. This may include as simple as cleaning your room, house, car, etc., to pursuing one’s hobbies or interest.
  2. Talk to close knits: As we talked about avoiding negative people; it is very important to compliment that by talking to close and dear one’s; people whom you can blindly trust upon.
  3. Start Reading: If reading does not fall under your interest lists then try reading some casual stuff like magazine, short articles, or anything that comes on your way. When we talk about reading it is important to note that one do that in conventional manner (without the use of screen – laptop, tablet, kindle, etc.). It is not only healthier for eyes, but also helps in avoiding fatigue.
  4. Listen to Music: One of the most easy and most used method of busting the stress.
  5. Try something different or try something differently: Being experimental and creative significantly helps breaking mind’s monotony. This in turn helps in reducing stress level.
  6. Sleep well: Sleep is the one of the most important things that our brain requires to relax. Try to complete an average of at least 7-8 hours of sleep every week. One may compensate the backlog of sleep of weekdays during weekend.
  7. Adopt Spirituality: Meditation, as we all know is the time-tested approach of calming ‘monkey’ nature of one’s most crucial organ – brain. However, many people find difficulty in meditating for long time. The best alternative for such people is to chant or pick any holy books and start reading through them.
  8. Exercise: Getting involved in some physical activity helps one’s body improve blood circulation and produce good hormones that improves one’s happiness quotient.


No matter how busy or stressful time one is going through, a little effort in gradually adopting one or more of these habits will definitely help in achieving a stress-free and happier tomorrow! 🙂